Internship Program

May 2018

Service Delivery Model Planning: Tailor the Process to the LHIN

The 2010 LHIN/MOHLTC capital planning toolkit has broadened the focus and expectations of Stage 1 planning and further defined the respective roles in the review and approval of submissions. While the purpose is unchanged, the process includes a much stronger focus on clinical service planning and system design.

Key learnings from our first year and a half working with the Stage 1 Part A requirements are:

  • Schedule a working session with the LHIN and MOHLTC before launching your workplan to understand their expectations of your submission (process, content and format). In our experience, expectations vary by LHIN depending on the organization's role, scope and performance history relative to LHIN and Ministry priorities. So the submission must be tailored to the local context.
  • Focus on clinical planning as a first step to defining future needs but don't get too pre-occupied with fine-tuning your volume projections and only plan for market share changes if you’re prepared for prolonged discussions. Market share changes require written approval of the affected organization(s).
  • Ask the LHIN to review a draft of your Part A submission and work with them to resolve questions/concerns. You may concurrently work ahead on the Part B submission recognizing that some adjustments may be needed.