Internship Program

May 2018

SickKids Project Horizon

SickKids is working with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to update its Master Program as part of the first stage of capital planning (i.e., a Stage 1 Proposal Service Delivery Model submission).  The Hospital is planning for new state-of-the-art facilities to address urgent infrastructure requirements including critical care (NICU, PICU and CCCU), ambulatory care clinics, pharmacy, bone marrow transplant inpatient unit, laboratories, invasive procedure rooms and mental health at the 555 University Avenue site.

The  Stage 1 Proposal is part of SickKids' Project Horizon, an integrated visioning, master programming and master planning initiative intended to design the future of paediatric health care delivery that will meet the needs of children and families in the future, including to ensure that health services are delivered in the right place by the right provider on a timely basis.  Project Horizon includes looking at the Hospital's models of care and programs to develop a plan to create the enablers (i.e., buildings, facilities, technology infrastructure, networks/partnerships) needed to achieve the future vision.  The principles that are guiding Project Horizon are: widespread engagement; excellent patient experience; integration of care, research and education; and flexible and adaptable process and products; encouraging innovation; and responsible use of resources.

Agnew Peckham's team is working with the SickKids Project Team to

  • Determine program and service capacity based on SickKids' role as one of the leading paediatric care organizations in the world with a unique place in the healthcare system in Toronto and Ontario.
  • Incorporate innovative and best-practice service delivery models based on leveraging SickKids' recognized expertise and building upon the lessons of proven service delivery models from other jurisdictions.
  • Identify the high-level human resource and operating cost implications for the transformed and reconfigured hospital services.
  • Develop a business case to achieve the Hospital's redevelopment goals and priorities, and a common understanding on which to proceed with subsequent facilities planning.

Planning is being directly informed by Ontario's health care transformation initiatives, Toronto Central LHIN priorities and policy directions, internal and external perspectives (patient, families, community and hospital providers), emerging and leading practices from other jurisdictions and contemporary facility planning guidelines.

The outcomes of this process will be the articulation of a new and progressive model for hospital services for the paediatric health system including the following directions:

  • Who will services be provided to?
  • What services will be provided?
  • Where will services be provided?
  • How will services be provided?

To learn more about Agnew Peckham's work with SickKids, please contact Jeannine Gourlie, Partner, at e-mail: