Internship Program

May 2018

Small and Rural Hospital Survey Confirms Facility Renewal Concerns

As part of our ongoing research initiatives, Agnew Peckham recently probed the views of Ontario’s small and rural hospitals regarding strategic and capital planning. The response rate was 33 per cent. Responding hospitals told us:

  • Facility renewal is a major concern and 65% expect it will be identified as a strategic direction in the next strategic plan.
  • Many/most do not have a master plan that reasonably reflects the expected future role and capacity.
  • Boards are being kept informed of capital issues on an as-needed basis and more than half of the responding hospitals have informed their boards about the updated capital planning processes and the findings VFA Facility Condition Assessment (57 %).
  • There are many facility-related topics of interest, including efficient and effective space organization for registration and admitting, planning for on-site partners and exploring ways to improve patient safety and infection prevention and control within available space.

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