Internship Program

May 2018

Windsor Hospitals Plan for a New, Consolidated Acute Care Hospital

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has approved the first stage of planning (i.e., a Stage 1A Service Delivery Model submission) for a new state-of-the-art, single site, acute care hospital in Windsor, to be developed within the context of an integrated health system that represents a network of service providers and structures working in a coordinated fashion.  The current configuration of hospital services includes 2 acute care hospital sites and a third site accommodating post-acute and specialized mental health services. 

Agnew Peckham’s team, led by Lucy Brun, is working with the Windsor Hospitals and the Erie St Clair (ESC) LHIN to

  • determine program and service capacity based on interdisciplinary models of care which promote improved inter-sectoral access, quality and coordinated care
  • incorporate innovative service delivery models, building upon the lessons of proven delivery models from other jurisdictions
  • streamline program and service delivery to maximize efficient use of service capacity and resources
  • determine the implications for community-based service delivery providers both in terms of service scope and capacities
  • identify the high-level human resource and operating cost implications for the transformed and reconfigured hospital services 

Planning has been directly informed by Ontario’s health care transformation initiatives, ESC LHIN priorities, provider perspectives (both community and hospital), emerging and leading practices from other jurisdictions and contemporary guidelines. 

The outcomes of this process will be: the articulation of a new and progressive model for hospital services for the Windsor/Essex community; a clear understanding of the investments needed in community based services to achieve this optimized service system; and a shared understanding on which to proceed with subsequent facilities planning.

Agnew Peckham will work with the ESC LHIN to determine the community health service capacity required to ensure health services are delivered in the right place by the right provider on a timely basis and support achievement of the Service Delivery Model for the new acute care hospital.

To learn more about Agnew Peckham’s work with the Windsor Hospitals, please contact Lucy Brun, Partner at