Facility Implications of COVID-19 Report

February 2021
The Agnew Peckham team has developed a report outlining recommendations for facility planning based on...

Emergency Department Space Research Study

September 2015
To update/validate the current Ontario standard, Agnew Peckham engaged twenty-seven Ontario hospitals in a modified...

Ready, Willing and Able – Key Attributes of Effective Planning Team Members

In preparation for a recent presentation, the Agnew Peckham team reflected on the critical success factors for health care planning projects. One of the key success factors believed to result in a highly successful planning project is Ready, Willing, and Able Participants, with Courage to move forward.

Ready participants have

  • Done the necessary evidence-based research
  • Toured new facilities
  • Spoken with thought leaders

Willing participants are

  • Open to new ideas
  • Able to build on evolving practices and technology
  • Will challenge and be challenged to be creative

Able participants have the capacity to

  • Visualize the future and what “will be”
  • Create an environment for innovation
  • Continually identify opportunities for change and improvement

Courage is also an essential characteristic… Planning is not about re-inventing the past; it’s about creating the future.